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Unknown Soldiers Episode 10: After the Armistice - Commentary, Maps, Images, Sources

There's a lot of info in today's episode, and I go over a lot very quickly. So I figure throwing out some maps, context, and especially a list of the stuff I glossed over today would be helpful. So there were a LOT of conflicts from 1917-1923. There's this impression that after World War I things were suddenly peaceful, but oh boy we learned how wrong that is. Here is a non-comprehensive list of the supposedly separate conflicts I covered or mentioned in this episode:

  • Russian Revolution & Civil War, 1917-1923

(I'm just gonna count all the craziness in the former Russian Empire's borders as part of that, because there's just too much)

  • German Revolutions, 1918-1919

  • Hungarian Revolution, 1918-1920

  • September Uprising in Bulgaria, 1923

  • Biennio Rosso (Italy), 1919-24

  • Red Triennium (Spain), 1918-1921

  • Red Week (Netherlands), 1919

  • Persian Socialist Soviet Republic, 1920-1921

  • Tragic Week (Argentina), 1919

  • Rand Rebellion (South Africa), 1921-1922

  • Polish-Soviet War, 1919-1921

  • Hungarian-Romanian War, 1918-1919

  • Hungarian-Czechoslovak War, 1918-1919

  • Austro-Slovene Conflict in Carinthia, 1918-1919

  • Polish-Czechoslovak Border War, 1918-1919

  • Silesian Uprisings, 1919-1921

  • Irish War of Independence, 1918-1922

  • Irish Civil War, 1922-1923

  • Turkish War of Independence, 1919-1923

  • Iraqi Revolt against Britain, 1920

  • Kapp Putsch (Germany), 1920

  • Beer Hall Putsch (Germany), 1923

  • Red Summer (USA), 1919

  • Tulsa Race Riot (USA), 1921

  • Destruction of Rosewood (USA), 1923

  • March on Rome (Italy), 1922

And that doesn't even touch all the stuff I DIDN'T cover. There was a lot more, but the episode already spilled over my usual limits just a little bit.

Just so you know I am NOT downplaying the Red Summer in America, because someone I told about it once accused me of that ("There's no way it was that bad, I would've heard about it"), here's a screenshot of the Wikipedia menu:

None of this will be happy reading.

Anyway, below are some maps to help you make better sense of everything I talked about today...I know it's a lot. And I will see you guys next week! Sweet dreams...

Russian Civil War, 1918-1921

The Treaty of Trianon Dismembers Hungary, 1920

Above: attempted dismemberment of Turkey at Sevres, 1920, and actual borders after Treaty of Lausanne, 1923

Next week's episode will be more fun, I promise.


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