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Unknown Soldiers Podcast, Episodes 11-14: The Jacobite Wars Series: Maps

For your assistance and your listening pleasure, I, James Houser, have hand-drawn two maps for your perusal as you listen to these episodes. I hope you like them, I worked pretty hard on them.

This map below is a representation of the British Isles, our main theater of action, from 1688 to 1746. Note that England, Scotland, and Ireland are all separate and distinct entities, and also take note of the Highland Line, which separated two very different Scottish ways of life: the Highlands and the Lowlands.

The battlefields that will be featured in Episode 11 are: Killiecrankie, 1689; Boyne, 1690; Sheriffmuir and Preston, 1715; and Glenshiel, 1719.

And this is a more detailed map of northern Britain, but mostly Scotland. I'm worried I put too many Highland clan names in here and cluttered it up a bit. Also, the Mackays are too far south and east. But I hope you will forgive these mistakes.

Special note that Castle Dounie (just west of Inverness) won't become really relevant until the very end of the series.

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