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  • James Houser

Episode #52: The Last King of Africa

Some maps are in order; this is just an unfamiliar part of the world for most folks.

The Scramble for Africa. Look how fast Europeans conquered the continent! By 1913, the independent African countries were Liberia (but not really AFRICAN, it was more of a weird settler state kinda thing, which is why I don't count it), parts of the Senussi tribes in Libya (though they would be conquered in the 1920s), and of course...Ethiopia.

Ethiopia around 1887. These are the major "princedoms" of Christian Ethiopia, note A. the location of Dogali, initial Ethiopian victory over Italy, and B. the locations of Tigray and Showa - the lands of Ras Mengesha and Negus Menelik, the two rivals for the throne of Ethiopia in 1889.

Ethiopia united under Menelik 1889-1895; see the new Italian colony of Eritrea, the new Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, and Menelik's expansions to the south and east to consolidate his rule.

Ethiopia after Menelik's victory at Adwa, 1896. Note the location of Adwa/Adua.

Menelik's march to Adwa.

The Battle of Adwa - maps from Raymond Jonas's book, cited below


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