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  • James Houser

Episode #53: World War 622 AD

Was the title too cheesy? Guess we'll find out!

Here are some maps for your illustrative pleasure, and my sources are at the bottom.

Right here you can see the Roman/Byzantine and the Persian/Sasanian/Sassanid Empires in around 600 AD. Note also the Avar Khaganate to the north of Rome, and offscreen the Gokturk Khagans (the Turks) north of Persia, their nomadic enemies. Then note the Ghassanids and Lakhmids, their Arab client kingdoms to the south in the Arabian desert. Those are all the big pieces in today's episode.

The Roman/Byzantine Empire, 600 AD

The Persian/Sasanian Empire, with its conquests during the war

The Roman-Persian frontier in Late Antiquity.

Campaigns of the Final War, 611-624

Heraclius, 624-628


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