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  • James Houser

Unknown Soldiers Podcast Episode #38, The Philippine War Part 2, Shock and Awe: Maps

Base map of the Philippines. Just for reference.

The Spring Campaign, 1899. See MacArthur's advance up the railroad, and numerous smaller expeditions that attack but aren't able to hold any territory due to lack of sufficient US forces.

The War in the Visayas, 1899. See that Americans can capture and hold seacoast cities, but can't penetrate the interior. Also see sidebar for a breakdown of how crazy the variety of Filipino resistance movements got on these islands.

The Fall Campaign, 1899. General Otis's plan...

...versus what actually happened.

Note Aguinaldo's escape route, and the "gap" between Wheaton's amphibious landing force and Young's cavalry brigade that allowed the Filipino leader to escape.

Batchelor's expedition (the 24th Infantry) and the Battle of Iba don't appear in this episode, but they'll be featured in the Buffalo Soldiers Short Round.

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