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Unknown Soldiers Podcast Episode 27-31, Crimean War: Maps

Updated: May 2, 2022

For your viewing pleasure, I, James Houser, have drawn maps for you that represent the Crimean War. I may add to these later...I'm probably going to draw a closer map of Sevastopol and its surrounding area for the MAJORITY of the action that takes place there from September 1854-September 1855. So I will add that one when it's finished!

The first map is a general map of Europe in the Crimean War. Note that it looks just a little bit different from the modern day. Germany does not exist; it is dominated by the military state of Prussia, which will eventually unite the German states into a German Empire. The Austrian Empire consists of much of central Europe and Italy. The Russian Empire controls not only the old USSR, but also Poland and Finland. And of course the Ottoman Empire still exists in southeastern Europe and the Middle East.

Note the battles and dates: the main Crimean War theaters outside of the Black Sea area were the Baltic Sea and the White Sea, both of which we'll get to.

The second map is the Black Sea area, the main theater of the Crimean War. To the west you can see the early battles on the Danube, where the modern Bulgaria and Romania border each other today. To the east you can see the Caucasus front and a lot of battles between Kars and Alexandropol, which is now called Gyumri in Armenia. And along the rim of the Black Sea you will see quite a few naval engagements on port cities like Odessa, Kinburn, Sinope and Taganrog. But of course, the main cockpit of the fighting will be in the Crimea. And I will have a better map of that region for you guys soon.

Finally, attached here is a (computer art) map of the Crimean campaign itself. I'm probably gonna do all my maps like this in the future. As much fun as drawing is, this saves time and is probably easier to look at.

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