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Unknown Soldiers

with James Houser

The Unknown Soldiers Podcast with James Houser examines the forgotten stories and figures of military history. This project takes an international, era-spanning approach to examine both the men and the women of history's greatest and most unknown wars. Unsung men like Bernardo de Galvez, Yi Sun-Sin and Chandragupta Maurya, alongside outstanding women like Nzinga of Ndongo, Maria Bochkareva and Colonel Anne Mackintosh. Forgotten struggles like the Nez Perce War and the Imjin War, and even forgotten fronts of famous wars, like the Revolutionary War's Siege of Gibraltar and the Southern France Campaign of World War II.

Your host, James Houser, is committed to shining light on the forgotten stories of military history. These are real stories, with real people, who don't deserve to be unknown soldiers.