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Unknown Soldiers

with James Houser

The Unknown Soldiers Podcast with James Houser examines the forgotten stories and figures of military history. This project takes an international, era-spanning approach to examine both the men and the women of history's greatest and most unknown wars, combining gripping storytelling with historical rigor...and a little bit of Dad humor along the way.

In this podcast, you will learn about:


  • Great commanders like Yi Sun-Sin, Arthur MacArthur Jr. and Bernardo de Galvez

  • Military failures like the British wars in Afghanistan, Rome's invasions of Germany, and the saga of Pyrrhus of Epirus

  • Outstanding women like Nzinga of Ndongo, Deborah Samson and Mary Seacole 

  • Incredible military units like the Women's Battalion of Death, the Janissaries, and the Harlem Hellfighters

  • Forgotten battles like Culloden, Myeongnyang, Inkerman, Balangiga, and Tuyuti

  • Forgotten struggles like the Nez Perce War, the English Anarchy and the Filibuster War

  • Forgotten fronts of famous wars, like the East Africa Campaign of World War I, the Oklahoma Campaigns of the American Civil War, and the New Guinea Campaign of World War II.


Welcome to the Unknown Soldiers Podcast.

I am your host, James Houser. 

I give history's forgotten conflicts the hard-hitting military analysis,

along with the drama and tragedy, that they deserve..

These are real stories with real people...

who don't deserve to be unknown soldiers.
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