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  • James Houser

365 Days of Military History: By Subject/Narrative

Updated: May 31, 2021

By Subject

Ancient Egypt

Greco-Persian Wars

Peloponnesian War (Six-Part Planned Series)

More Greek Wars

Alexander and the Macedonians

Punic Wars

Roman Civil Wars

Han Dynasty of China

Roman Empire

Tang & Ming Dynasties of China

Byzantine Empire & Rise of Islam

Early & High Medieval Europe


The Scottish Wars of Independence (and Edward I)

Late Medieval Europe

Wars of the Roses

Italian Wars & Rise of the Habsburgs

Spanish Conquest of the Americas

Japanese “Age of War” (Samurai) and invasion of Korea

Random 1500-1800

Thirty Years’ War

English Civil Wars

European Wars 1660-1756

Seven Years’ War/French and Indian War

American Revolution

French Revolution & Revolutionary Wars

Napoleonic Wars

Early American Wars

War of 1812

Latin American Wars of Independence

Age of Revolutions in 19th Century Europe

Mexican-American Wars

Crimean War

American Civil War

War of the Triple Alliance

German & Italian Wars of Unification

Battle of Koniggratz – July 3, 1866 - need to rework for corrections

Modernization of Japan

Western Indian Wars

Age of European Imperialism

Boer Wars

Spanish-American War and Philippine Insurrection

Random 1800-1914

Road to the First World War

World War I






Aftermath of World War I

Russian Revolution & Soviet Russia

Irish War of Independence

Turkish War of Independence

Leadup to World War II

World War II


Eastern Front 1941-1945

War in the Pacific

War in the Mediterranean (Africa, Italy, Greece, Malta)

Western Europe 1944-1945

Occupied Europe & Nazi Germany

The Air War

Random 1941-1945

The Cold War Era

Middle Eastern Conflicts 1945-1991

Korean War

Vietnam Conflicts

The Falklands

Modern Conflicts 1991-

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